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Hotel Desk 3 - Imaginative and effective hotel booking software. Version 3 introduces new booking enquiry services, automated restaurant and billing facilities.


Intuitive bookings

Visual bookings with clipboard based allocation and rack rate viewer. Room status visible at a glance and has automatic or manual settings. Bookings can be entered directly via the booking screen or may be entered using the enquiry wizard. Learn more...


Inteligent Enquiries

Enquiries can be settled with the enquiry wizard, the elegant room type based enquiry screen allows imediate focus on guest requirements. once selected, the booking can be allocated directly or added to the booking clipboard for allocation closer to guest arrival. Learn more...



multiple reservations can be handled on a single booking. Restaurant data is created automatically, allowing restaurant allocation reports to be created daily. Learn more...


Auto Billing

Upon receipt of deposits or guest arrival, entries are autmatically added to the billing screen allowing for consistent reliable data entry. Additional categorised charges can be made. charges and payments are a click away, confirmations and bills can be printed . Learn more...


Beautiful Bills

Bills can be customised with font sizes and a number of styles payment details and personalised messages can be added. Learn more...

Hotel Desk 3

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Hotel Desk 3

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